About Us

Beauty4-Ashes is a 501(c) (3) organization, founded in the summer of 2008 by Dr. Yarnetta E. Peebles. The mission and primary objective is help those who are hurting from loss, grief, divorce, separation and singleness find the “Victorious Visionary” that lives in them.  We address the intellectual, emotional, and socioeconomic needs of those hurting within our community, while promoting honesty, integrity and spirituality.  Beauty4-Ashes is the premier support resource for widows/widowers, divorcees and singles in the Prince Georges County area.  Through counseling, training and education.  Beauty4-Ashes activities transforms our clients into new people as they emerge from crisis.

Dr. Yarnetta E. Peebles, a widow herself, understands the needs, experiences and thoughts of a person who has experienced loss and renewal.  Prior to the death of her beloved husband, Elder John R. Peebles Sr. in 2004, they shared 27 years of wedded bliss.  They share two wonderful children, Elder John R. Peebles Jr. and Deacon Yolanda M. James, one daughter-in-law Dionna Peebles, one son-in-law Mr. Preston AK James and two granddaughters Miss Paris AK James and Miss Paige AK James.

Empowerment and fellowship have been strong components of the organization. 
Beauty4-Ashes was conceived and organized to counteract failure and to assist in the provision of opportunities for individual achievement.  We help those who are hurting from loss, grief; divorce, separation, and singleness find and create the “victorious Visionary” that lives in them.

In our present and future Beauty4-Ashes will continue to recognize the needs that exist within the community, the organization will provide programs that utilize the power of traditional moral values, along with extensive mentoring and counseling opportunities to facilitate efficacy, the organization’s goal is to help.  Those who are suffering from loneliness and grief to create healthy and vibrant futures.